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As a member of the UK 环球体育官网 Group, 环球体育官网 China is committed to the promotion and use of UK 环球体育官网 plate heat exchangers in the Chinese market. 环球体育官网 has always designed and supplied suitable heat exchange products for various industries, so we clearly understand your actual needs and provide a heat transfer solution that is right for you.

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In cooperation with 环球体育官网, you are not only buying a heat exchanger, but also making a partner. Whether you need a standard product or a product tailored to your specifications, we will provide you with a full service. We analyze your application, design it according to your actual needs, and provide an effective heat transfer solution to achieve the desired results for your process.

More technology, more possibilities

环球体育官网 heat exchange products are abundant, you can choose the product design that suits your requirements, and you will not limit the solution choice because of the limitation of product range. We have developed in the heat transfer field, you only need to contact us, you can save the contact at the same time. The trouble of multiple suppliers.

Gasket heat exchanger

Our 环球体育官网 gasket heat exchangers are ideal for a wide range of applications in a wide range of market...

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Welded heat exchanger

Our 环球体育官网 welded heat exchangers are the primary choice for applications that require corrosive media...

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Heat exchanger unit

The heat exchange unit automatically converts the heat obtained from the primary network into the do...

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Multi-brand spare parts and maintenance services

Regardless of the brand of plate heat exchanger installed in your facility, the performance on the O...

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环球体育官网 has a good design and production technology and a comprehensive knowledge of plate heat exchangers. We are committed to providing quality plate heat exchangers to our customers in all industries. 环球体育官网 has developed into a professional manufacturer of detachable plate heat exchangers!

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